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Professionalism, Compliance, Customer Care

Illustration Cabinet Expertise Le Chêne et Associés


Innovation, Solutions

Illustration Cabinet Expertise Le Chêne et Associés


Advice, Analysis, Reliance.

About Us

We are a young and innovative firm that assists companies by offering digitalized and personalized services.


  • Modernity: the firm is fully digitalized and works with innovative partners in terms of tools accessible from a remote location.
  • Proximity: the relationship established with our clients is based on listening and trust with the guarantee of professional secrecy governed by the code of ethics of the Ordre des Chartered Accountants.
  • Adaptability: in an always changing legal environment, the strong adaptability of the firm and its staff allows us to offer you personalised advice to help you make strategic decisions.
  • Advice: understanding and analysing the challenges of your company, in order to propose appropriate solutions and improve its performance.


If you would like to have more information about our services, please leave us your contact details so that we can contact you as soon as possible.